Tulle Ribbon Rolls

Order beautiful tulle rolls of ribbons for use in decorating and gift packaging

Tulle Ribbon For Gift Packaging

Tulle Ribbon sold in rolls or spools is light, airy and makes the perfect bow topping for your gift box or gift bag. Making bows from tulle ribbon is very easy to do because of the beautiful and airy texture of the ribbon. Big fluffy tulle bows on top of a gift package make your gifts look stunning and classy. Six inch by six yard rolls means you'll have plenty of ribbon for working with your project. You'll find bright bold colors in tulle. Staid and simple black and white, or eye-catching teal, fuchsia, with several shades of green, blue and yellow.

Tulle is easy to work with, holds its shape and shows the simplest package off to advantage. At less than $4.00 per roll, you can easily have a selection on hand to meet every need.

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