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Custom Shopping Bags For Retailers

When it comes to making your company look good, ordering custom printed gift packaging materials goes a long way. As your customers leave the store, your brand name walks out the door with them. Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to have your retail brand stand out among your competitors? You can do this by having a custom logo designed just for your shopping bags. Even if you don't have an outstanding logo, we can design one for you. All products that are labeled "Hot Stamp" can have your logo printed directly on the face of your bags. Our gift packaging products come in a wide range of colorful and useful paper, plastic and fabric. Reusable fabric bags are especially environmentally friendly. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, a special occaision or just celebrating the season, be sure to order a supply that will last you throughout the year.

Everyday Wrapping Paper & Tissue Paper

We offer a large selection of wrapping paper and tissue paper made especially for retail stores or those who want to buy paper in bulk quantities at wholesale prices.

Gourmet Food Packaging Bags

We offer a wide range of food packaging products. All products meet with FDA food standards and are safe to use.

Gift Boxes

We offer a wide range of packaging boxes for those that have retail stores. You will be able to save money when you order your boxes in bulk. The larger quantities can be offered at a better discount for you. So stock up for the rest of the shopping season when you order. Save 15% on any order. Qualifying order total based on price of new products, excluding fees, tax and shipping.

Welcome To BowsnBags.com

We offer consumers and retail business owners the opportunity to purchase packaging supplies at wholesale prices. With a stunning offer of free shipping on orders over $500, you can really save some money! Your gift packaging supplies for the entire year can be found right here. Retail shop owners will find the best offers on bulk ordering.

With a beautifully designed custom logo, our printing services will create a hot stamp image and stamp it on all your paper shopping bags. High quality custom logo designs give your business that competitive edge. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to creating an image for your company's brand. Sending customers home with your high quality shopping bag is the best way to go. Our products are eco-friendly and many are made right here in the USA!

Eco friendly gift packaging supplies

Retail business owners will find low prices on 400 feet lengths of gift wrapping paper or 250 shopping bags as well as many other money saving discounts . Their most difficult job will be to narrow down the exact shopping bags and boxes that they want to give to their customers. With so many fashionable and fun new designs in our bows, bags and boxes it won't be hard to find something unique and affordable online.

Regular consumers can save money when planning for a wedding, a birthday or a special event. Our wide selection of favor boxes, pillow boxes and gift boxes can fit almost any party theme. Cello bags are a great way to wrap treats for birthday parties or neighborhood treat days. You can even wrap up your homemade candies and make them gift presentable.

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BowsNBags Helps Retail Store Owners, Restaurants & Bakeries With Store Supplies

Our site helps many resaurant owners, deli owners, bakeries, botiques and speciality store owners by providing them with wholesale prices on items like shopping bags, boxes, wrapping paper and many gift packaging supplies. All products can be ordered online and are quickly shipped directly to you. Our store supports eco-friendly packaging and most products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Sometimes store owners need help with logo designing. Designers can work with you to design your company logo. If you already have a design, you might consider hot stamping that logo on your paper bags. Custom printed shopping bags make your packaging look professional, rebrands your company brand and adds elegance to your store image.

When you order your retail store supplies from BowsNBags.com you will receive top of the line quality products and outstanding customer service.