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List Of State Retail Organizations

If you are thinking of starting a retail business in your state, you will want to have as much help as possible. According to the NRF, over 98% of all retail businesses have fewer than 50 employees so they are ready to help you. Contact your state retail association to get the best advice about retailing in your state. You may be looking for the national retail federation, headquartered in Washington, D.C. The NFR provides businesses with many resources. Education, conference announcements, and upcoming trends. Here at BowsNBags, we want your business to prosper.

Alabama Retail Association

7265 Halcyon Summit Drive
Montgomery, Alabama 36117

Alabama retailers employ some 400,000 of our great state's citizens, making retail Alabama's largest employer.

Arizona Retailers Association

224 W. 2nd Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201

An ARA membership is a value driven and proven method of ensuring that retail interests remain a top priority in Arizona.

Arkansas Grocers & Retail Merchants Association

1123 South University, Suite 718
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

As a combination of two of the most powerful forces in the Arkansas business community, the Grocers & Retail Merchants Association is one of the largest and most active trade organizations in the state, with member locations in cities and towns throughout Arkansas.

California Retailers Association

980 9th Street, Suite 2100
Sacramento, California 95814

For 78 years, CRA has worked on behalf of California's retail industry which currently operates over 164,200 stores with sales in excess of $571 billion annually and employing 2,776,000 people which is nearly one fifth of California's total employment.

Colorado Retail Council

1580 Lincoln Street Address 2: Suite 1125
Denver, Colorado 80203

Our membership represents over 1500 retail locations throughout Colorado and includes six of the top-ten private employers in the state.

Connecticut Retail Merchants Association

60 Forest Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

According to NRF's Retail's Impact data, there are an estimated 472,518 jobs supported by retail in Connecticut and a total of 41,900 retail establishments across the state. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) impact in Connecticut is $34.2 billion - 14 percent of the state's total GDP. "One out of every five people is supported by a job in retail," Phelan said.

Delaware Retail Council, Inc.

PO BOX 671
Wilmington, Delaware 19899

Thanks to business-friendly legislation, a focus on world-class education and job creation, tax-free shopping, and a variety of leisure options, thousands of people move to Delaware each year.

Florida Retail Federation

227 South Adams St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

From its founding, the Florida Retail Federation has been driven by companies and individuals who are passionate about defending the retail industry. Today's retailers are carrying on that proud legacy by advocating for the free market principles that allow our industry to thrive.

Georgia Retail Association

227 South Adams St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Since 1961, the Georgia Retail Association has protected Georgia's retailers from unreasonable taxes, fees, regulations and legislation because not everyone understands and appreciates your business like you do - and that includes the vast majority of the state's legislators and regulators.

Retail Merchants of Hawaii

P.O. Box 1956
Honolulu, Hawaii 96805

The retail industry is the largest single generator of general excise tax revenue and employs almost 20% of the workforce in the State of Hawaii.

Idaho Retailers Association

816 W. Bannock St., Suite 105
Boise, Idaho 83702

IRA includes all types of retailers in all parts of the state, including the largest national chains to the smallest independent retailers. Members include wholesalers, dealers, and professional services, in addition to stores like grocery, convenience, department, drug, hardware, apparel, building supply, office supply, and on and on.

Illinois Retail Merchants Association

19 S. LaSalle St., Suite 300
Chicago, Illinois 60603

IRMA represents more than 23,000 stores of all sizes and merchandise lines.

Indiana Retail Council

1 N Capitol Ave #430
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

ICEA is like having an additional set of hands on staff. Members can contact the ICEA office with questions about trends, benchmarking, board development, sample policies, membership programs, how to coordinate events, and so much more.

Iowa Retail Federation

P.O. Box 377
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

In the digital age, retailers have to be selective about which technologies they choose to adopt and employ when reaching their customers.

Kansas Chamber of Commerce

835 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, Kansas 66612

The Kansas Chamber continuously leads efforts to pass pro-business legislation by drafting language, building coalitions, testifying on each bill, engaging in direct lobbying and ultimately ensuring passage.

Kentucky Retail Federation

512 Capital Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Kentucky's retail industry employs 380 thousand Kentuckians and pays more than $9.3 billion in wages annually. Retailers collect over $2.8 billion in state sales tax and pay millions in other taxes to state and local governments.

Louisiana Retailers Association

4021 W.E. Heck Court
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

The Louisiana Retailers Association is a full-service membership trade association representing over 4,000 storefronts, ranging in all size and types throughout Louisiana.

Retail Association of Maine

45 Melville Street #1
Augusta, Maine 04330

Maine's retail businesses are facing more competition and greater challenges today than ever before. In such an environment, it is essential to have an advocate to ward off burdensome laws and regulations that add to the cost and reduce business efficiency.

Maryland Retailers Association

171 Conduit Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Founded on the belief that merchants could achieve more as a group than any one merchant acting alone, MRA is dedicated solely to the interests and progress of the retail industry. MRA brings the full weight of the merchant community to help any one member or segment.

Retailers Association of Massachusetts

18 Tremont Street, STE 810
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

We provide our members with valuable regulatory and policy briefings, money-saving tools, and highly-effective representation on Beacon Hill.

Michigan Retailers Association

603 South Washington Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933

Retailers provide more than $100 billion worth of goods and services annually to consumers in Michigan and employ 450,000 Michiganians.

Minnesota Retailers Association

400 Robert Street North, Suite 1540
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

Through several publications MnRA is able to educate retailers about key issues that touch their bottom line.

Mississippi Retail & Grocers Association

4785 I-55 North, St. 103
Jackson, Missouri 39206

MSRGA commits to do any acts that may tend to benefit the retail industry, as well as producers and consumers of goods, wares, merchandise, and food products.

Missouri Retailers Association

619 E. Capitol Ave.
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

To serve the business of all business, the Missouri Retailers Association engages a full-time staff that works year-round with state agencies, the Legislature and officials in the executive branch to help address the unique concerns of the retail industry.

Montana Retail Association

1645 Parkhill Drive, Suite 6
Billings, Montana 59102

Our membership is comprised of businesses of all sizes and types, from locally owned to large national chains.

Nebraska Retail Federation

1610 S 70th Street, 101
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506

Our primary mission is to represent your interests to state and federal government official1s.

Retail Association of Nevada

410 South Minnesota Street
Carson City, Nevada 89703

The retail community contributes more than 1 billion dollars in tax revenue annually and accounts for more than 400,000 jobs with an estimated economic impact of 20 billion dollars to Nevada's economy.

Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire

48 Grandview Road, Suite 2
Bow, New Hampshire 03304

The New Hampshire Retail Association serves as the "Voice of Retailing" in New Hampshire and represents the interests of our members before the State Legislature.

New Jersey Retail Merchants Association

332 West State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08618

As the voice of the retail industry in New Jersey, NJRMA provides a critical link between retailers and all of state government.

New Mexico Retail Association

223 N. Guadalup
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

The NMRA is a highly respected association that has consistently proven its ability to focus on the business of retail advocacy for an industry that provides thousands of careers, gives back to communities and drives innovative technologies and services for customers.

Retail Council of New York State

258 State Street
Albany, New York 12210

Promote, foster, aid, advance and protect the interests of the retailers of goods and services doing business in New York State.

North Carolina Retail Merchants Association

209 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

The association is the driving force behind the passage of positive legislation to help retailers. Serving more than 25,000 stores.

North Dakota Retail Association

1014 E Central Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502

The association's mission is to promote and enhance retail businesses. NDRA strives to improve the business climate in the state. It provides training and education to members while monitoring legislative and regulatory activity on the state and national level.

Ohio Council of Retail Merchants

50 West Broad Street, Suite 1111
Columbus, Ohio 43215

There is power in numbers, and the 4,400 plus members of the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants gives you buying power. Our association provides affordable products and services that are critical to our members' business operations, helping them remain competitive in today's business environment.

Oklahoma Retail Council

330 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

We have the power to deliver results that drive prosperity. Results that make Oklahoma not just a player, but a premier destination for business. Results that make it profitable for you to grow revenues, create jobs, and command markets.

Associated Oregon Industries Retail Council

1149 Court Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

AOI is Oregon's largest and most influential comprehensive business association advocating for a vigorous business climate in Oregon. Our membership is comprised of large and small companies from all business classifications in Oregon.

Pennsylvania Retailers Association

224 Pine Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101

The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association is the premier retail trade association in Pennsylvania whose encompassing membership consists of small and large independent retailers as well as the national retail chains.

Rhode Island Retail Federation


Rhode Island has four times as many retail jobs as Provident boat show attendees.

South Carolina Retail Association

209 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

Owning your own business can be overwhelming. Membership in NCRMA ensures that you have the resources, support and facts you need to make running your business easier and more profitable.

South Dakota Retailers Association

320 E. Capitol Ave
Pierre, South Dakota 57501

The South Dakota Retailers Association is a 3,900-member statewide business organization, based in Pierre, South Dakota.

Tennessee Retail Association

611 Commerce Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Tennessee's 79,000 retail businesses employ and support over 890,000 Tennesseans and pay billions in salaries, benefits and taxes each year.

Texas Retailers Association

400 West 15th Street, Suite 1405
Austin, Texas 78701

Detecting and preventing internal and external theft continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing retailers. We offer courses designed to help your company's loss prevention efforts and include: Preventing Shoplifting, Detecting Charge Card Fraud, Detecting Counterfeit Currency, Handling Fraudulent Checks, and Preventing Employee Theft.

Utah Retail Merchants Association

4286 South Main Street
Murray, Utah 84020
4286 South Main Street

The mission of the Utah Retail Merchants Association is to advance and serve our members' common business interests and support retail industry in Utah.

Vermont Retail Association

148 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

We are an association of merchants and trade partners united to promote the sustainable growth of our industry through the Educational, Economic and Public Policy needs of our members. - See more at:

Virginia Retail Merchants Association

1025 Boulders Parkway, Suite 110
N. Chesterfield, Virginia 23225

The Retail Industry is the largest private employer in the state. The sales tax applied to our industry is the largest single contributor to Virginia's budget. With over 100,000 retailers in Virginia we are the life blood of the Commonwealth.

Washington Retail Association

618 Quince St SE
Olympia, Washington 98501

Advocate for the retail industry to the public and at all levels of government and provide members programs of value. 881,938 retail jobs in Washington.

West Virginia Retailers Association

2110 Kanawha Blvd E.
Charleston, West Virginia 25311

The goal of WVRA is to represent the legislative, regulatory and political interests of the retail industry.

Wisconsin Retail Merchants Association

44 E. Mifflin Street, Suite 605A
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Our retailers and wholesalers provide competitively priced goods and services and 45,000 jobs throughout Wisconsin. As they work hard to keep business in Wisconsin, we work hard to represent their interests in Madison.

Wyoming Retail Association

P.O. Box 1003
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003

The WRA is Wyoming's Voice of Retail. We are managed by a 14 person Board of Directors representing all of the retail sector, from large corporations to small stores. Whether you are a multi-million dollar discount store, or a smaller "Mom and Pop" retailer, the WRA is your source for retail representation, information, and education.