Nest Gift Box Sets

Sturdy nested boxes can be filled with all kinds of treats and surprises. Over a dozen different artistic designs to choose from. Make your event come alive with these fun boxes.
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23 Nested Gift Box Sets « Previous       Next »

Wrap It Up In Style

Designer quality nested gift boxes are sold in bulk at wholesale prices. Free shipping on orders over $500! Made of rigid paperboard with a matte finish, these come in such a variety of designs. You are certain to find the one that enhances your merchandise. Overall colorful splashes in stripes, swirls, polka dots, hearts and posies abound. Or select a holiday theme.

The nested boxes come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Each box has a matching lid. Prices range from five cents to $1.20 per wholesale unit. That makes these versatile containers not only cute, but cheap. Your customers will be delighted with the extra effort that says you think they are worth it.