Gemstone Sparkly Glitter Tissue Paper

Glitter Tissue Paper Adds Style To Gifts

With our gemstone glitter tissue paper you can add a little sparkle to your gifts. When you begin to wrap your gift packages, you'll want to make sure you have the right type of tissue paper. Order our customer favorite - white gemstone glitter tissue paper.

Freckles of holographic gemstone add a richness to your wrapping that you couldn't find any other way. This selection comes in a variety of colors that complement or contrast with other colors in your tissue paper packaging scheme. The midnight black, for instance, star-spangled with glitter, is a romantic touch. Order in bulk and save money. We think you'll like our wholesale prices. Great discounts!

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8 Gemstone Glitter Tissue Papers « Previous       Next »

Bulk Tissue Paper With Gemstones Add A Rich Look

Wholesale Gemstone Glitter Tissue Paper

One satisfied customer had a word for the effect: "Pizazz." The 20 x 30-inch tissue paper sheets come in 200-sheet reams. This glitter tissue paper is made from 60 percent post-industrial and 10 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

This specialty tissue paper uses holographic glitter to make your packages spectacular. Add that sparkle to your gifts with this fun tissue paper.