Waxed Tissue Paper

Order Waxed Tissue Paper in white, pink, green, red or olive green

Waxed Tissue Paper Used By Food Service & Florist Industries

When you order our waxed tissue paper in the vibrant colors of citrus green, white, cerise, wine, scarlet or olive green you are getting 250 sheets per ream. Waxed Tissue is used by most food service and florist industries and is made in the U.S.A. from 70% recycled content.

Waxed tissue paper is the perfect box liner tissue. Line boxes of fresh flowers to keep your flowers looking great. When your flowers need a moisture barrier, green waxed tissue paper is the answer. Whether you are a small business florist or a large national flower shop chain, you will find our wholesale prices are a fantastic price and a smart solution for your business needs.

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Waxed Tissue Paper Wraps Food & Flowers

Waxed Tissue Paper For Florists & Food Services Industries

Coated with a wax-like substance, our high-quality waxed tissue paper is ideal for use with food because it resists moisture and keeps foods juicy. A food safe barrier is recommended if you are using the tissue paper for food products. Some store owners use this paper as the perfect gourmet food box liners.

Gifts of foods or flowers call for the special protection of a wax coating. Color choices remain broad so you can either match or contrast with the treat that's inside.

Check out our wide selection of varieties and styles for even more tissue paper options.