Gift Packaging Bows

The selection of multi-looped bows includes elegant organza choices in chocolate brown and black. Silver super-glitter pull bows are calculated to add a regal touch fit for royalty to packages.

Bows, bows and bows. How many ways to tie a bow? Almost endless, and these ribbons provide the makings for special finishing touches to all your wrapping. They come in an array of colors that would make your standard rainbow envious and in widths of 3/8, 5/8 and 7/8 inches. Each unit totals 27yards. (A large looped bow needs approximately a yard of ribbon.) Options include both 2- and 4-inch bows.

Remember that the wrapping forms the recipient's first impression and make the bows the eye-catching glimpse that impresses.

Choose from a wide selection of beautiful pull bows. Bows in designer colors will add spice to your gift packages!

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