Gemstone Sparkly Glitter Tissue Paper

Gemstone Glitter Tissue Paper Adds Sparkle To Gifts

With our gemstone glitter tissue paper you can add a little sparkle to your gifts. Our tissue paper is embedded with flecks of sparkle. You'll find some attractive colored tissue paper in the gemstone design. From white, black and hot pink to lime green, red and lavender, the color choices you have are plentiful. When your gift packages sparkle, your friends and customers will too.
Freckles of holographic gemstone add a richness to your wrapping that you couldn't find any other way. This selection comes in a variety of colors that complement or contrast with other colors in your tissue paper packaging scheme. The midnight black, for instance, star-spangled with glitter, is a romantic touch. Order in bulk sheets and save money. We think you'll like our wholesale prices. Read More...
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