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Plastic Shopping Bags Wholesale

Are you looking for die-cut plastic bags for your retail store? We hope you will find it easy to find the correct size and style for you shopping bags. We carry a wide variety of plastic shopping bags. You'll find frosted plastic bags and colored plastic bags. Both are great bags that you can have custom stamped with your company logo. Send your customers home with their purchases in colorful plastic merchandise bags that have die-cut handles for easy carrying. It's the eco-friendly thing to do, since these bags are recyclable. This selection of bags has a wide variety of colors and sizes to accommodate your particular products.

Plastic bags are available in flat designs or with a gusset for a roomier bag. A super gloss shine and soft feel appeal to customers. You can personalize your bag with a custom logo on one or both sides for an extra marketing touch. The selection of inks is broad enough to let you be creative. Affordable price makes these plastic bags the clear choice.

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