Gift Basket Shred & Basket Filler

Gift Basket Shred Celebrates Gift Giving

Cheap gift basket paper shred will fill your gift baskets perfectly. Two styles of paper shred are available - crinkle cut expandable paper shred and very fine cut paper shreds. Colors are solid or multi-colored and some come with metallic shreds. Made with recycled paper content. Great for use in gift baskets. Wholesale pricing on all orders.

Ask any Easter Bunny and he'll tell you that the "shred" or basket filler is the final fillup that spells "quality" for your gift basket. It's the professional touch that spells the difference between drab and dazzling. And it can be done instantly with our selection of basket fillers and shreds. You'll find a variety of materials and textures that guarantee a selection that perfectly matches (or contrasts) with your basket, package or display.

Among the choices: metallic shred and natural shredded wood excelsior. And remember that baskets, gift boxes and displays are not the only possibilities to use this versatile packaging mode. Use it to protect items in shipping. You might find it a relatively inexpensive way for packaging products. Your customers will be impressed with your careful attention to their purchases and thank you for taking the time and effort to keep them safe. And they'll thank you again when they recycle the shred into another use of their own. Basket filler in bulk cartons at cheap wholesale prices.

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